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We graciously thank

for support of this year's summer multicultural arts camp

Tennessee Arts Commission
Metro-Nashville Arts Commission
National Endowment for the Arts for their support of all of our programs,

Nissan Foundation

for their generous grant in support of our Passport to Understanding School Outreach Program

Memorial Foundation
for their generous support of our Passport to Understanding School Outreach Program

Thank you to folks from HCA for their volunteer efforts in returning our small urban garden to its original splendor! We truly appreciate the generosity of the HCA Foundation and and the fabulous volunteers on David Cummings' team!

The Global Education Center has formed a public/private partnership with World Music Productions to bring the music and dance traditions of Guinea to North America. Check our inventory of CDs, DVDs and djembes from West African artists.

The next project of this unique collaboration will be Nimbaya! Stay tuned for more details of 2011-2012 tour.


Over generations throughout the world's many cultures, the arts have endured as vital, vibrant and dynamic necessities in the human desire to express innate creativity and passion for life and its many traditions and circumstances.

The participatory nature of the arts encourages interaction with diverse media as well as interaction with the various cultural and spiritual elements indigenous to artistic expression.

The arts stimulate us to appreciate the inherent beauty within ourselves and within the world at large, promoting global awareness and a respect for all of humanity.

The arts have great unifying power as we explore the issues and emotions expressed throughout the ages by all cultures, including those that have no word for art - where art cannot be separated from daily life - where it is a constant expression of a culture's worldview - where it is a reflection of human necessity.


Special thanks to H. G. Hill Realty Company for their very generous donation of our building at 4820 Charlotte Avenue!

To donate toward our capital campaign for renovation of this building, call 615-292-3023 or to donate via credit card go to the secure link on our member page.

Donations for summer camp scholarships can also be made via the secure link on our member page or summer camp page.

Thank you! We greatly appreciate your generosity and support!

In loving memory of
Ryan Williams

Ryan left our material world at the young age of 19, but he touched our lives in ways that we will carry in our hearts forever. We love you, Ryan, and we all cherish the memories!






Global Gifts and More

A multicultural shopping experience
Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm
Weekday hours vary due to teaching and performing schedule

Fair Trade - Fair Prices Fun Shopping

Handcarved djembes from Guinea Jewelry from around the world
World music collection
Instruments, games, gifts & toys

New shipment of molas from Panama, courtesy of Chris and Heather Tardif
Handcrafted items from a nonprofit cultural center in Peru

Dance CDs
Popular Rhythms for West African Dance
Guinea Rhythms for West African Dance Vol.1
by Shannon Holland

New CD by members of The Legends of West Africa, produced by Shannon Holland



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615-292-3023; 615-292-4843(fax)
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